Islami Bank CellFin App Feature

Mobile banking is a popular means of digital wallet service in today’s world. One of the most popular banks in Bangladesh is Islami Bank Ltd. Islami Bank Ltd innovates a new digital wallet service platform. The digital wallet service is CellFin apps.
Now we share with you the feature of the CellFin app. Are you interested to know the feature of the CellFin app? If your answer is positive, then this article can assist to learn the details of the Islami Bank CellFin app feature.

Islami Bank CellFin App Feature
Islami Bank CellFin App Feature

Overview of CellFin

Islami Bank CellFin is the integrator for all categories of financial services. It provides services for both banking and non-banking customers. It is a mobile application for digital banking & wallet services. When users install this mobile application successfully, they instantly will gain a virtual VISA or Master Card. IBBL CellFin has oriented to open a Bank Account from anywhere in the country without going to branches.
Customers can use the Cellfin Digital Wallet like a mini bank. It provides different types of Cards and accounts-related services. Like ATM, POS, VISA, MasterCard, NPS, BACH, EFT, RTGS, Sub-Branch, Foreign Exchange House, etc from the only medium. Islami Bank’s CBS Accounts, mCash, Khidmah Card Add with CellFin service.

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Islami Bank Routing Number (All Branch)

Islami Bank CellFin Feature

By Cellfin at home, all banking can do safely. Cellfin Islami Bank’s latest digital banking app. Cellfin Islami Bank’s latest digital banking app. Download the app. Take a picture of your National identity card, then take a selfie of yours – complete your account opening and Visa card!

  • Fund transfer: By CellFin you can transfer funds from Bkash, bank account, debit card, credit card, MasterCard, Diners and mCash. You can even transfer funds to any Islami bank account.
  • Add money: You can add money from any bank account, mCash, debit card, credit card, VISA, MasterCard and Diners.
  • Send money to mobile Wallet: You can send money to BKash(mobile wallet). Other mobile wallets will be added soon.
  • Send money: You can send money to any bank account through CellFin.
  • Bank Account Opening: Using the CellFin app, you can open your Islami bank account very quickly. You can open a bank account without going to any branch.
  • Cheque issue: You can issue Cheque for your bank account.
  • Foreign remittance: You can easily accept your foreign remittance.
  • Top-up facility: You can top-up any mobile operator.
  • Card-less cash withdraw: CellFin introduces card-less cash withdrawal from ATM Booths firstly.
  • Payment: All types of payments can be made including e-commerce payment, credit card bill payment.
  • Receipt of salary-allowance: You can freely pay or receive salary-allowance of any institution.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer: You can even make Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT, NPSB).
  • Add Card: You can add IBBL Debit Card / Credit Card / Prepaid Card to your CellFin Account.
  • Add account: You can add an IBBL account to your CellFin Account.
  • Account inquiry: You can search about your account balance, statement, transaction.
  • Buy tickets: You can easily buy bus, launch and air tickets from the CellFin app.
  • Free bill payment: You can pay your different bills (Khidmah, DPDC, DESCO, Dhaka WASA, NESCO) freely.
  • Block / unblock card: You can block unnecessary card or lost card. Also You can unblock again.
  • Manage favorite: You can easily manage your favorites.

Contact Agent Banking / Booth Banking at any branch of the bank for details. You can find out by calling Customer Care Call Center: 16259.


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What is CellFin account?

CellFin is a mobile wallet. This is a popular service of Islami Bank Limited. You found in detail our article above.

What is CellFin IBBL?

This is a new mobile wallet service from Ibbl. You will find details in the article above.

Is there CellFin for iPhone?

Yes. You can use the CellFin Mobile Wallet app on your iPhone. You can download it from App Store.

How do I check my Ibbl account?

First install the Cellfin app, complete the registration and login into your Cellfin account. You can check your Ibbl account from the bank account menu.

How can I get customer ID in Ibbl?

You have to employ the email of IBBL iBanking registration. Your email id will be the User Id of IBBL iBanking.

What is the ibbl Cellfin Helpline?

The Islami Bank CellFin Helpline is 16259.

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