FSIBL Internet Banking Feature

Nowadays, Internet banking is very simple, important & necessary.  By using internet banking you complete your almost banking activities. FSIBL brings internet banking services to simplify the banking activities of their customers. From the article, you will know about the First Security Islami Bank internet banking features.

FSIBL Internet Banking Feature
FSIBL Internet Banking Feature


First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) is a prominent private bank in Bangladesh. Its banking system is Islami Sharia’h based. It is one of the public limited banks in Bangladesh. It was established on August 29, 1999. The first branch opening date is the 25th October 1999 & branch name is Dilkusha Branch. It has 9 zonal offices & 196 branches. Also, it has 142 sub-branches, 71 agents banking. It has 205 ATM booths & 27 collection booths.

FSIBL Cloud Banking

FSIBL Cloud Banking is an internet banking service. It provides the most innovative IT-based services to clients. This electronic service of First Security Islami Bank Limited (FSIBL) provides a lot of banking services. Like transfer money, pay utility bills, mobile recharges, pay credit card bills, etc. A subscriber can perform transactions from anywhere, anytime. Also, they can do this through the internet facility-enabled mobile, laptop and computer. It is actually a speedy, secured, compatible and most rapid way of banking. The service is available 24×7 a week.

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FSIBL Online Banking Features

  • Balance Inquiry: You can easily search out how much balance you have in your account.
  • Limit Inquiry:  You can quickly find out how much limit is in your account.
  • Profit Details: This will let you know how much profit you have made.
  • Term Deposit Details: you can find out all details about term deposits.
  • Investment Repayment Schedule: Always keep track of investment payments & pay on time.
  • Cheque Book Details: Cheque book details services are available from FSIBL Online Banking.
  • Clearing Cheque Status: You can get all information about clearing check status.
  • Stop Cheque Request: If for any reason you want to cancel your issued Cheque, you can do so by FSIBL Online Banking.
  • Cheque Book Requisition: You can Requisite a new cheque book.
  • Statement Request: You can request a statement on your account.
  • Transaction Details: You will discover the details of your account transactions here.
  • EMI Calculator: You can use the EMI calculator by FSIBL Online Banking.
  • Address Change Request: You can easily request a change of address.
  • Customer Information: The customer will see all the information provided in the account.
  • Password Change: You can change your password easily.


I have discussed the FSIBL Online Banking Features. I hope that you get required all the information about FSIBL Online Banking Features from the article. We collect the article all info from the First Security Islami Bank website. If you want any additional information, write it down in the comment box. Thank you & share with your family & friends.

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How can I check my FSIBL balance?

You can check your account balance by the FSIBL Online Banking / FSIBL SMS Banking service. Also can learn account information, account statements and more.

How to login FSIBL internet banking?

By using the FSIBL Online Banking service you can easily log in to FSIBL internet banking.

Which is the First Security Islami Bank’s helpline number?

First Security Islami Bank’s helpline numbers are 16257 (home) and +8809666716257 (abroad).

How to get FSIBL bank statement?

You can get your FSIBL bank account statement through FSIBL internet banking.

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