Grameenphone Recycle Number List [Updated]

Are you grameenphone SIM subscriber & looking for grameenphone recycle number list? If yes this article is definitely for you. Now I am sharing with all of you updated grameenphone recycle number list.

Grameenphone Recycle Number List
Grameenphone Recycle Number List

Details of Grameenphone Recycle Number List:

There are four mobile operator available in Bangladesh. Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh. Recently grameenphone publish unused prepaid and postpaid connections grameenphone recycle number list (since 11 May 2020 or before). From 10 August 2021,  listed number permanently deactivated after three months.

As per the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) guidelines, a total of 15 SIM cards can register against each NID card. But if it is unused after registration, the rights of the customer are reserve on each registered SIM for 15 consecutive months. If a SIM is unused for 15 consecutive months, the registration information is deleted from the NID card of the registered customer of that SIM and the mobile operators will be able to sell it in the market with the approval of BTRC. Grameenphone recycle Number List given below.

Recycle Number List 1

Reclycle Number List 2

How to Find out Your Listed Number from Grameenphone Recycle Number List?

  • Check the current status of your unused GP SIM from this pdf file.
  • Open the pdf file and press Ctrl+F.
  • Type your valuable GP number in the search box and press enter.
  • You see your listed number.

How to Reactive Your Grameenphone Recycle Number?

If you get your GP number on grameenphone recycle number list contact your nearest grameenphone center immediately.

Terms & Conditions:
  • This is to educate that unused grameenphone paid ahead of time and postpaid associations (since 11 May 2020 or previously) will be for all time deactivated following 3 (Three) months of distributing this notification.
  • Grameenphone maintains all authority to reuse/exchange/reuse forever deactivated associations.


This article grameenphone recycle number list presents updated recycle number list. In future I will try my best to share latest information if grameenphone publish any notice. If you have any question regarding this please comment through the comment box.

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