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How Do I Fix a Stuck Asus BIOS

How do I fix a stuck ASUS BIOS?

Step 1: Power cycle your computer. Step 2: Reset the BIOS settings. Step 3: Clear the CMOS. Step 4: Update the BIOS firmware. Step 5: Checking hardware components. Step 6: Contact ASUS support. The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is a…

Delete OneNote cache

Can I delete OneNote cache?

OneNote is a unique computer application. It is a free form for data collection and multi-user collaboration. Its utility uses a cache to temporarily store important information. It contains notes, drawings, and other information. OneNote uses a cache to temporarily…

Skype not responding

How do I fix Skype not responding?

Skype is the most uses telecommunications application. It’s operated by Skype Technologies. it is part of Microsoft. Its most popular feature is VoIP-based videotelephony, videoconferencing, and voice calls. By using Skype you can instant message and file transfer. It’s available…

Download Photoshop Elements 13

How do I download Photoshop Elements 13?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 is a photo editing software that is available as a part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop Elements 13 has many of the features of the full version of Adobe Photoshop but is designed for people…

Automatically sync photos to Google Drive

How do I automatically sync photos to Google Drive?

Google Drive is a dedicated service for storing and sharing files, photos, and videos. It provides cloud-based storage services. Google Photos offers a dedicated service in addition to Google Drive. Google Drive and Google Photos offer automatic backup and sync…

Reinstall mac without a disk

How do I reinstall my Mac without a disk?

Mac is branded computer. Apple Inc designed & marketed it. Its operating system is Apple’s macOS. This Mac is currently the most popular mini-computer version. Mac operating system macOS needs to be reinstalled for various reasons and needs. There are…